Freshwater Spirulina Cultivation Technology
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Freshwater Spirulina Cultivation Technology
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Freshwater Spirulina Cultivation Technology
1.Cultivation condition. The first and important is that to make sure a clear environment, don’t put livestock and poultry near the cultivation pool. Second, cultivation pool should be settled at sunny place, like balcony and courtyard. Third, water quality should be clean. It is better to use clean water, sheet flow or well water. New built glass pool or cement pool must be washed with clean water, and then add in certain clean water and growth medium
2. Spirulina must grow in specific condition. The ph value of the growth medium should be controlled between 8.5 and 11.5. The best temperature for Spirulina growth is 20℃-38℃. When in winter the temperature is below 20℃, use heating pipe to adjust the temperature to 25℃, so that to improve the productivity.
3. Spirulina daily management. Stir is an effective way for Spirulina healthy growth and high production. To stir the growth medium with pumps 24-hour a day can obviously improve the Spirulina productivity.
4. Clean the cultivation container every month, and remove the sediments and change unused growth medium.  
5. When the light green growth medium turn to dark green, that is to say the cultivated Spirulina can be collected.
6. Use clean table-water to wash the Spirulina after collected. Keep Spirulina in Deepfreeze at a temperature of 0℃-5℃, or dry it in oven and make into feed products, or eat directly.
   The size of cultivation pool or container is according to the size of given space. If the container size is big enough, keep using turbine stirrer, while the small size container should use pump stirrer. The height of container should be 35-40cm, and the shape should be oblong oval or rectangle. Choose appropriate Spirulina to cultivate, and add into superior water and nutriment. After 1-2 weeks, when the color of growth medium turns to dark green, Spirulina can be collected. During the process of growth, Spirulina breath in CO2 and breath out O2, that is good for anti-pollution, surrounding environment. 
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